Round Up And Thoughts On Apple's Announcements At WWDC 18

Round Up And Thoughts On Apple's Announcements At WWDC 18

Today at 6pm BST, Apple hosted a keynote address as part of their World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). The presentation saw Apple CEO, Tim Cook take to the stage to announce the company's current and on going work as well as announcing some software and hardware updates, which I'll go into a little detail about below, a sort of summary of what was announced today.

WWDC, or even any Apple Keynote has always been something that inspires me. I've always wanted to go. The events are big, bold and in some cases, life changing. Not a day passes where I don't look at my iPhone, Mac, or an Apple device. These events, since I was a child watching the announcement of an iPod by Steve Jobs himself, have meant something special to me.

Before we begin, I can't miss mentioning the amazing Stephen Fry introduction video. Go and watch it if you can! It's fantastic.

So let's take a dive into the event and see what was announced.


App Store

Opening the show, Tim takes a moment to highlight the 10th anniversary of the App Store and that it has 500 million weekly visitors. Apple will have paid more than $100,000,000,000 to developers.

iOS 12

Well, Craig Federighi introduced some of the new features for the world's most used mobile software.


The biggest announcement here was that they're releasing iOS 12 across all devices that were released since 2013. Meaning that everyone can upgrade. But, the biggest news here is the performance improvements. iOS 12 is meant to be able to launch applications much faster than iOS 11 currently does. I couldn't tell you how how much faster, but faster is what was announced.

AR (Augmented Reality) 

Yep, they're back talking about AR again. Pokemon go used to be a cool app that no one plays now. The great thing here is that they're still developing the technology but with some major companies like Adobe, or Disney Pixar.


Using AR, there was a demonstration used to measure items. It was kind of cool. You use the phone's camera which measures different paths you set from two points. Could be useful, but I'd be interested to know just how accurate it is which isn't discussed. Builders and decorators might love it though.


The brick building company demonstrated a Lego AR game where you can buy a set of Lego, and then add more buildings, cars and more using AR. It was a cool demonstration but I'd rather have actual physical Lego bricks to build with. I personally, didn't get it.


Siri will be updated with some new shortcuts. It's basically a bit smarter and learns what you like to do on a common basis. Such as, it's someone's birthday, maybe you should call them? Or, you're running late to a meeting, text the meeting organiser to tell them how long you'll be. My only concern with this is that Shortcuts will have it's own app. Another app for the "I don't use these" folder on my phone.

There were some cool things you could do including adding your own shortcuts that could self order a coffee for you or remind you of your hotel once you land at an airport. But, it's a lot like IFTT, but for everything concerning your iPhone.

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours

Apple News - That App No One Uses

It's been cleaned up and has a new sidebar on iPad. It's also being brought to stocks. Next.

Voice Memos

Nice new clean design. Coming to iPad.


They renamed the app to Books. Seriously, this got a round of applause.


CarPlay will now support third party navigation apps. Something needed if you're not a fan of Apple Maps. I personally prefer Google Maps so this is a welcomed announcement. 

Do Not Disturb

A bunch of new settings are being added like, Do Not Disturb Me Until I leave this location. Or, Do Not Disturb Me Until I Wake Up. It will hide notifications while you're asleep a night.


The big announcement here are 'grouped notifications'. It's something thats very welcomed, especially if people message you on 5 or 6 different platforms, like iMessage, WhatsApp or iMessage. I approve of this update.

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours

App Limits

Apple have added a piece of software that actively reminds you to stop using applications and your phones. I like this idea but if I were an investor, I'd be concerned why they've done this. Actively helping you use a device less. What?

Now, it's great to help you manage your time more effectively and I can see it being welcomed great, by parents. There's also a bunch of parental controls to help kids play on educational apps more than the likes of instagram.


Remember BitMoji on Snapchat? Yeah? Well Apple just re-invested exactly that but only with your face and weirdly, tongue.

They also added the ability to film a selfie but as your AniMoji. It's cool but I don't think I'd ever use this feature. Fun for kids though perhaps?

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours


Finally, they're adding group FaceTime calls for both audio and video. You'll be able to Facetime with up to 32 different people. FaceTime will also be integrated into group messaging, much like Facebook chats where you can join and leave at anytime. 

With video, calls are visualised by everyone in a square tile which, as you talk gets bigger to help work out who's talking. You can add Animoji during the call as well as stickers too. It was quite fun to watch on the Keynote.

Watch OS5

Sports And Fitness

Competitions are being introduced for you to challenge your friends to close all rings on your watch. It's a fun idea that I think has been needed.

Work Outs

Yoga among other activities have been introduced to provide better data about your work outs. It will also now automatically track your workouts without you have to set up the watch.

Still no badminton though.

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours


A one time request to any friend can be enabled. You can talk to your friends just like having a walkie-talkie though you'll need wifi or cellular data connection. They didn't specify but it's likely to only be available on Watch Edition 3.


No need to say, "Hey Siri" on the watch now. Just simply ask your watch what you're looking for. That's pretty cool!


Apple Podcast app is coming to Apple Watch.

Student ID Cards

You'll be able to add a student ID card to the Apple Wallet to work on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Starting only with a select few Universities in America.


Some of the new bands and watch faces are aimed to celebrate pride month that's currently taking place.


I do love my Apple TV 4k. It's an incredible piece of kit and I would highly recommend it. I use mine everyday. 

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours


Dolby Atmos is being introduced to Apple TV 4K. You need your own speakers though. Money money money.

TV App

I personally hate the TV App on my Apple TV. I wish it would go away but it's alwauys there. Many more video channels have been added to TV App, like news channels, Canal+ in France and Salt.


Aerials is honestly my favourite feature on Apple TV. Today they've announced that you'll be able to finally see where the aerials were filmed and, the'll be adding Aerials from the International Space Station.

Mac OS

Of course the first thing we all want to know is what it's called. So, the next version of Mac OS is called...

Mac OS Mojave (Mo-harv-a)

Dark Mode

Leaked everywhere, it's no surprise Apple announced Dark Mode today. Everything changing from a silvery-grey to space-grey. Its a lot like the Apple colouring system for their phones. Imagine switching from your silver phone to a space-grey phone. It's just that but in software.

It does look quite cool.

Dynamic Desktop

Apple have built in an ever-changing dynamic desktop that can change imagery throughout the day depending on time of day.

©️ Mac Rumours

©️ Mac Rumours

Desktop Stacks

All of the contents of your desktop can now be arranged by date, or file type, or tag and will completely keep your desktop clean. It's lovely.


New view introduced for finder called, "Gallery". Huge displays of thumbnails and much smaller scrubbing. It also includes full meta data on the right hand side bar. 


Screenshots are now editable, very similar to how they work on iPhone. They're bringing the same for video too when you can screen grab video content from anything you watch.

Continuity Camera

You can now insert photo and video content into a Mac that's taken live from a phone or a video. The same works for scanning documents.


Remember that app you didn't use on your iPhone? Yeah, that's coming to the Mac. 

Mac App Store

This app has been desperate for some love and Apple are finally giving it some love it deserves. Office 365 were announced among a few to be coming to the Mac app Store.


So that sort of summarises everything announced at today's WWDC 18. In short, I'm looking forward to some of the updates, but I don't feel any excitement which is troubling. We'll see what happens come September when they update their hardware.

Thank you for reading, tell me what you're looking forward to most in the comments below!

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