The Food Is Possibly The Best At The Satu'li Canteen In Pandora - The World Of Avatar

The Food Is Possibly The Best At The Satu'li Canteen In Pandora - The World Of Avatar

Last November, I was fortunate enough to visit Walt Disney World Resort which houses the all new land of Pandora - The World of Avatar. A place of wonder and discovery beyond anything I’ve ever seen before. But instead of going into the land just now, I wanted to take a minute to talk about the food at one particular location, the Satu’li Canteen.

I have dreamt about the delicacies served at this restaurant since visiting, and there’s good reason. 

After meticulously planning for what I considered to be the finale of our day; visiting Pandora - The World of Avatar, I made sure that we would have an opportunity to fit this new establishment into our plans as our destination for an evening meal in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. I had done a lot of research, read some great reviews about the food offerings as well as read post by the Disney Parks Blog and came to the conclusion that we couldn’t miss this dining experience.

After riding the two incredibly immersive rides, you exit to still be immersed within Pandora where the 2009 film, Avatar was originally set. As part of the experience, you could only imagine a food option that followed this original theme, where you could eat and drink the same foods those who explore the lands might come across. The Satu’li Canteen does a marvellous job at providing you with this opportunity.

I chose to order the Cheeseburger Steamed Pods - Bao Buns and the Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse along a Pandoran Sunrise as my drink.

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 18.02.11.png

First let's talk about the Cheeseburger Steamed Pods - Bao Buns, which are exactly as they sound. These pods are filled with something so good, it's quite literally a taste and texture that's out of this world. Served with a variety of vegetable chips and slaw, this dish was simply mouth-wateringly delicious. The pods are packed full of a cheese burger filling comprising of mincemeat, mustard, ketchup and cheddar cheese. The best way for me to describe these are by comparing them to a small hamburger from McDonald's but they were far and beyond better than anything that fast food chain has ever produced. They somehow they felt lighter and healthier to eat, I think was was partially down to the lack of fries, which I'm very approving of.

Satu’li Canteen.jpg

The Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse was utterly sensational. Think of the best cheese cake you've ever had and then take the best parts of that and serve it within a blueberry outer shell. The result, is this the unbelievably refreshing dessert. Served with a beautiful passion fruit curd on top and piece of meringue for decoration, this pudding is light as well as packed full of fruity flavour. It's the perfect after dinner treat. Oh, and there's a magical surprise once you dive in. Let's just say, "never judge a book by it's cover" plus, as you can see in the above image that it is indeed, sparkly.

Finally I ordered a Pandoran Sunrise drink, a sort of melon sparkling drink that while was really tasty and worked well with the rest of the meal.

The best thing about the entire food experience was just how well it all fit into the land it inhabited. Everything felt right and relaxed with a sense of adventure, even while eating. It was such a great restaurant experience that you urge you to include in your plans while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

Building on the success of Pandora - The World of Avatar bring two new lands to open soon at the resort. This June sees the opening of Toy Story Land which I'm sure will have it's own eateries to try along with Star War's Galaxy's Edge which opens in 2019. If both the lands produce foods that are even remotely close to what's served at the Satu'li Canteen, then we're in for a real treat and something special to look forward to! As I'm mentioned the food in Pandora - The World of Avatar is out of this world, I can only picture the foods to come will be out of this Galaxy!

Thanks for reading this blog post, let me know you're favourite Disney dining experiences in the comments below! You can also watch our full day at Disney's Animal Kingdom in the below vlog along with taking a look at the aforementioned foods by navigating to 20:20. 

Check back soon as I write more about Pandora - The World of Avatar, The World Disney World Resort along with how to book your perfect Walt Disney World Resort vacation using the My Disney Experience App!

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